Monday, 3 January 2011

The Powers of Mankind

To whit the powers of mankind, nowhere to be kind,
Serving itself,
Compensating through abstractions,
The enlightened stir from its slumber,
Never constant never meticulous,
Capital caught in a debilitating systemic flow,
Constant barrage of inchoate democracy,
By the people for the Bourgeoisie,
Once devised to serve the people,
The symbolic big other,
A destructive loose flow cutting its foundations,
No more for surplus inevitability,
Speculating capital to accumulate destruction, death, disloyalty,
What’s the problem? Think again, what’s the solution?
Ignited once more by students,
It stirs on the streets,
It stirs in the work place,
Socialism, Communism,
Be it what you will,
There is another way,
Back to the drawing board I say,       
We will fight another day,
We will fight on the streets,
Against every corrupt institution,
Create action, new modes, new conceptions,
The Left is Right!
To think we have reached the peak of ‘civility’ is an abhorrent
To claim there is no alternative is subordination,
Enough with this fetish disavowal (I know very well but...)
This will not suffice when they come for you,

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