Sunday, 19 December 2010

Music in the 21st century

Western in all its profanities,
Shapeless, crude, defunct, devoid of substance and proletarian character,
Gar gar can gar gar does, jargon from formless material
Empty virtues, insignificant truths, repeated jouissance
Myths of immortality, riches, fame,
Realities of oppression, envy, fear,
Empty spaces, imposed voids,
Explained by the moral compass of history, filled by no-one,
                                   Here and there, joy, jam, clash, emerged from event horizons, crushed by Fukuyama and his dominions,

The event horizons stirs once more, take heed, remember, reconstruct, devise,
Our moral compass under attack,
The old world is dying, and the new world struggles to be born: now is the time of monsters,
Play to the tune of the proletariat once again,
Socialists, let our impulses guide,
Awaken from this Fukuyama slumber,
Remember, the moral struggles of the past, for we face battle,
No longer shall the people be misrepresented, by petty bourgeoisie,

We now know stars die,
Devise a world where there is no poverty, injustice or domination,
These are our commons,
In this world we must unite,
Spread the word,

Arise Europe
Greece, France, Italy, Spain, Britain
We have been alienated for too long,
Emancipate our struggles,
Persuade those doubters, tomorrow, too late,
Play the tunes we long to hear off the radio and into our ears.

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